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I talk to my coworkers the same way I would talk to people at college, which is a habit I should probably try to get out of because there’s like customers, who might take offense to employees swearing at each other, and if a manager ever overheard me telling Bradley to fuck off and die on the shop floor during opening hours I would probably be in quite a bit of trouble…

The creepy bakery manager was moaning at us at lunchtime cause we were all on our phones instead of paying attention to him, and he started guessing what we were doing, and he’s like “Laura’s doing uni stuff I imagine” which I wasn’t, and he was like “Well that’s what you were doing earlier when I looked at your phone over your shoulder.”

wtf. Because that’s completely normal/acceptable??? Fuck off??? No I don’t want one of your strawberry’s. 

orphan black meme: 4 relationships [2/4] » felix and kira

Everytime they play the robot unicorn attack theme tune at work I have to play it as soon as I get home.

The manager on bakery is such a prick and so creepy, he kept staring at me in the canteen this morning, and when I went to do putbacks on bakery he started singing that song from the cornetto advert (but like, the actual song) really loudly while staring directly at me, what is it with men and purposefully trying to make people uncomfortable?? Why do they do this??


*develops new crush* *looks up star sign compatibility instead of actually talking to them*

Cara hasn’t heard anything either, and I’m not being funny, but we submitted our work before either of the other people who have found out, so…..

Two people in my class have now gotten their results (that I know of) and I have not and track hasn’t even updated and I am dying rn.