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Nude Portraits series by photographer Trevor Christensen

This is my new favorite thing

College are denying I ever redid my subsidiary units which means I can’t go to Sheffield and they’ve essentially said “You’re lying about this but we can call them and tell them how much we like you?” and also I’ve been waiting over an hour for the water to heat up for my bath and it is still cold so basically I may as well kill myself.

I couldn’t decide if I should get over the head headphones, or earbuds, so I got a pair of each. Having money is top I highly recommend it.


for generations to come, people will speak of the Baked Alaska Disaster of 2014. our children’s children will listen with terror and awe to the legends of the wrath of the russet gandalf and it shall live in song until the isle of albion has slipped beneath the waves. 

"Let’s fuck up Laura’s grades so badly she can’t go to Sheffield then go on leave until the very last minute and when we finally get back, act like we don’t understand Laura’s crystal clear explanation of what we’ve done wrong so she can’t go to uni at all, good plan everyone well done" - My tutors.

The ice bucket challenge has reached my place of work which is 

not good.

Basically it’s either walk to spar or order dominoes and I can’t order dominoes it’s just sad at this point but spar, is so far away…

I have tonsillitis!!!!! Yay!!! Literally could not be happier about this!!!!!